Google Continues To Index Pages From SEO Poisoning Campaign

Google continues to include in its search index, pages from a major SEO poisoning campaign. SEO poisoning involves getting web pages listed in search engines that when accessed attempt to infect the computer with malware. We have repeatedly reported a listing of pages used by this campaign, that is available at, to Google using their page for reporting a malware page over a period of several months.  Google has continued to list these pages in its index leading to an unknown, but possibly large number of computers to become infected with malware . These page have also not been flagged as being malicious by Google’s Safe Browsing system during the period when they are most likely to be infect users computers.

Our recent experience has shown that public releasing the information get Google to respond, while there reporting mechanisms get ignored. We recently posted about Google providing hosting for files used in attempted hackings, after having reporting using their mechanism multiple times without any action being taken Google disabled the account the day after our posting.

Other companies have allowed this SEO poisoning campaign to continue, including The Planet who provides hosting for a critical component of the campaign.