Coming up Next – Chinese New Year

Giving gifts for Chinese New Year is a traditional custom, not only for families but also for businesses to show their gratitude to customers. While everyone is ready to welcome the Year of the Rabbit, spammers have already provided many holiday surprises for them.

Chinese New Year is on February 3 this year, about half a month earlier than last couple of years. Spammers have also adjusted their attack schedule for the upcoming festival.

Product and business promotion spam have been observed since last December. Most attacks have customized the ‘From’ line alias and use promotional ‘Subject’ lines related to Chinese New Year.

The following two samples are medical product promotions with a customized ‘From’ line and have a subject line related to the occasion.

From:可输入多个<[Details Removed]>



From: you may enter multiple choices <[Details Removed]>

Subject: It's almost the new year! What kind of gift you will pick for your boss? (AD)


It's almost the new year! What kind of gift you will pick for your boss? (AD)

Typical options are wine and gift cards… It’s time to change now……!

Healthy and luxury products - Vit Number 1 coming up this year…..

Gift targets:

1. Owners with more than 10 million dollars in assets!

2. Top level governors!

3. Second generation individuals from wealthy families, governors’ families, etc!

Purchase method:

[Details Removed]

Or add QQ[Details Removed]

Mobile:[Details Removed]


From: "" <Details Removed>

Subject: 过年了!孝敬父母什么哪(AD)?


Subject: Chinese New Year is coming up! What kind of gifts are you getting for your parents (AD)?


Chinese New Year is coming up! What kind of gifts are you getting for your parents (AD)?

Bei Jing<Details Removed> continues medical traditions by introducing:

Scorpion essence 1: “The refill station for men and beauty salon for women!” … See details here:

In store purchase - elite level supplement “Scorpion essence 1” Beijing<Details Removed>…See details here:

hxxp://<Details Removed>

//<Details Removed> purchase - elite level supplement “Scorpion essence 1”…See details here:

hxxp://<Details Removed>

Please add me QQ<Details Removed> Or mobile<Details Removed> !


Next is a food product promotion with links advertising known auction sites with randomization inserted in ‘Subject’ line and ‘From’ alias. The links in the body take you to the spammers' promotional products on the auction site.

From:中国信用卡<[Details Removed]>

Subject: 亲爱的会员[Details Removed]:春节到了,为您精心准备的食品!直接进入[Details Removed]购买~省心省力~


From: China credit card <[Details Removed]>

Subject: Dear member [Details Removed]: It's almost Chinese New Year. We prepared a great food gift basket for you! Directly enter [Details Removed] shopping site~ save time and effort~


This email is sent in HTML format. If you can't view it, please click on the link or copy the URL link and open it.

http://[Details Removed]


The last sample is for a sale on software; the business sent unsolicited promotional mail for Chinese New Year.

From:[Details Removed]

Subject: 春节前[Details Removed] 商城6折大促销了!


Subject: [Details Removed] Shop sales of 40% OFF before Chinese New Year!


[Details Removed] Software sale of 40% OFF before Chinese New Year. The sale applies to everyday goods, home decor, office stationary, books, hardware, machinery, electronics, financial management products, etc. [Details Removed] Shop http:// [Details Removed]