BBC News/Dad walks in on daughter Facebook scams

Criminals and scammers on Facebook aren’t resting on their laurels… in fact, they are branching out and using multiple techniques all rolled into one scam.

Facebook wall post Dad walked inTonight’s blockbuster spam is taking on several guises. One version is a likejacking attack that spams your wall with the message “Dad walks in on daughter… EMBARRASING!!!” and “This really has to be an awkward moment.”

They seem to be quickly rotating through a long list of Google ( short URLs to evade detection.

Strangely, it appears that the likejacking protection Facebook introduced last month is not working. At the moment the page has over 49,000 likes and is growing.

A variation of the same scam seemingly aimed at a more international audience pretends to be from BBC News. It is an application using variations of the word news or newz.

BBC News Facebook scam

It posts messages to your wall saying “Everyone do check what she did on cam ….” and seems to also play on the recent spate of photo tagging scams.

All of this ultimately leads to an obviously faked video on YouTube, covered by a survey scam. The video on YouTube has over 77,000 views, implying that many people are filling out the surveys that generate cash for the scammers.

YouTube video views

As with all of these different Facebook lures, try to resist the temptation to click them, and be sure to click the report spam button to alert the Facebook security team.

Sophos has a guide for configuring your Facebook profile to maintain your privacy and continue to be social. Why not give it a look and check your settings against our advice?

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