Poll: Do you find LulzSec’s activities amusing?

The members of LulzSec say that they’re doing it for the “Lulz” and their mission is to spread “fun, fun, fun”.

LulzSec mission statement

How are they spreading “fun” into our drab IT lives? By hacking into company websites, exposing personal information and launching denial-of-service attacks against online games.

So, our question is this – are they succeeding in amusing you? Or are you just not getting the joke?

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Sorry, the poll is now closed. But thanks to the 1500+ of you have shared your opinion.

It may be true that some companies have not defended their webservers properly, and are careless with their customers’ data. But that doesn’t make it right to act irresponsibly or break the law. There are better ways of getting issues like that resolved.

Even if the company isn’t responding to your concern that their defences are weak, you could approach a journalist and demonstrate the vulnerability to them. They could then publicise the security hole in a responsible way – without putting innocent folks at risk.

Personally, I find it disturbing that so many internet users appear to support LulzSec as it continues to recklessly break the law.

If you still have something to say on the topic, leave a comment below. Whether you believe LulzSec are providing a valuable service by exposing weak security or if you think that their behaviour is irresponsible, we’re interested in hearing your opinion.