McAfee Labs Releases “Fake Alert” Stinger

McAfee Labs is pleased to announce the availability of our “Fake Alert” Stinger – an improved Stinger tool with aggressive generic content targeted at enhanced detection and remediation of fake alert based threats.

In our efforts to provide the best of protection for our customers against rogue security products or fake alert type malware – McAfee Labs has enhanced the Stinger tool to better deal with the evolving Fake Alert landscape.
The new “Fake Alert” Stinger key benefits include:

• “Fake Alert” Stinger builds with updated detection and remediation content posted every weekday.
• Option to run “Smart Scan” mode which only scans files, directories & registry load points commonly used by malware. This enables a system scan to complete in around five minutes.
• Introduction of a “Fix to Scan” option to bring back the system to a state where users will be able to run other applications or antivirus software that was disabled by Fake Alert Malware.

McAfee Labs and the Support Community Teams have created a new Top Threats space for you to discuss and find assistance with Fake Alert based threats and Rogue Security products. Our team of security experts are available now! Download the new stinger tool here.