Spam makes me angry. Do you have a course to help with that?

Dear British Association of Anger Management,

Thank you for your unsolicited email, inviting me to a course on anger management.

Email from the British Association of Anger Management

You know what makes me angry? Flipping spam makes me angry.

I don’t remember signing up to receive emails from you, but maybe I lashed out at one of my work colleagues, and perhaps they thought I could do with some help and so gave my email address to you.

Even so, I would have hoped that you would have followed industry best practices and confirmed via a double opt-in that I *really* wanted to sign up for your messages.

The best mailing lists not only require people to ask to receive their messages, but then verify the subscription just in case an email address was given to you by by mistake or by a mischief-maker.

Anger management. They seem happy, why aren't I?

I’m delighted that you’ve had such success helping people deal with their anger issues. Help me with mine, by not just honouring my unsubscribe request – but also adopting a better standard in future, confirming that any email address you are given really wants to receive your emails.

What next? Will the Tourette Syndrome Association start sending me f@#king spam – would you f!#king f$%khead f*%k believe it?

Yours sincerely,

Angry from Naked Security