SSCC 71 – Juicejacking, ATM skimming, Anonymous attacks BART and our digital bread crumb trail online

Sophos Security Chet Chat logoPaul Ducklin joined me again this week (virtually) for a quick chat about this week’s security news.

Paul and I began this week’s chat by discussing the recent posts we made on Naked Security about ATM skimming and the research presented at USENIX showing how ATM PINs and other security codes can be recovered using infrared cameras.

The dangers of Juicejacking? Yes, you read that correctly, Paul shares his thoughts on the recent kiosk setup at the DEFCON conference and potential for people to access sensitive data on your smartphone.

Should we really be afraid of Anonymous? We talked a bit about their most recent attacks on BART and others and suggest a plan for Anonymous to better maintain who is speaking on their behalf.

Last, but not least, we talked about the police tracking down the fake collar bomb attacker through the digital trail he left behind.

Some are surprised at how the police tracked him, but are we leaving enough information around about our activities that it’s even easier for cybercriminals to do the same?

(21 August 2011, duration 13:10 minutes, size 9.5 MBytes)

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