Actress Sues Amazon for Publishing Her Age

A 40-year-old Texas actress is suing Amazon for disclosing her age in a film industry database.

The woman, who filed her complaint in Seattle under “Jane Doe,” says the revelation of her age in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) – a popular web site that publishes profiles of actors and actresses, among other film information – is owned by Amazon. She says she’s lost work as a result of her real age appearing in her profile.

The woman claims the only way Amazon could have discovered her age was by grabbing her credit-card information without permission when she purchased an “industry insider” upgrade for her account at IMDb.

She’s suing Amazon for fraud and breach of contract, saying the IMDb customer agreement promises that credit-card information will be encrypted and be handled “carefully and sensibly.” She’s seeking $75,000 plus $1 million in punitive damages.