Perfect Pit Where You Don’t Want to Stop

Sporting events are always popular among the spammers. Formula 1, a game of speed, thrill, and action, is no exception. In the past we have seen spam messages ranging from cheap and/or fake game tickets to phishing  around almost all major sporting events.

We are observing spam targeting the upcoming F1 Grand Prix which is being held November 11-13, 2011 in Abu Dhabi. Although the winner of the 2011 World Championship has already been decided by the last few races, this event is import because it is near the end of the 2011 season and the drivers will be scoring vital points to retain their positions.

Here is an example spam message:

The spam message invites users to attend the race in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Spammers offer a private table, champagne, canapé reception, open bar at the venue, and many more luxurious items. The attractive deal with “limited availability for the tickets” is perfect trap, if F1 fans fall for it.

Buy your tickets from legitimate and official websites. Websites that sell tickets and ask for financial or personal information should be protected by SSL certificates and provide visible trust marks to verify their authenticity. Offers such as this are a pit where you don’t want to stop.

Thanks to Anand Muralidharan for his contribution.