Safer Internet Day 2012 Offers a Lesson for All of Us

Many of you may have already noted this from Google’s home page, but for those not reading the fine print or not using Google: Today is International Safer Internet Day, which will have its 10th anniversary next year (if I counted right). Started in Europe by Insafe with funding from the European Commission, this day has become a truly global event.

And it’s about time. Looking at the widespread careless use of computers and mobile devices, in particular in the home but also in many offices. (It’s 2012: there really should be no more reports of unencrypted laptops with sensitive data being lost or stolen.) As we face attacks from an ever-growing number of criminals, this day should absolutely be used to think about safety.

Although the original intent was to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and younger adults, I think the older generation
(hello, mum :-) ), in fact everyone, can benefit from this opportunity to think about safety and learn a bit as well.

Looking at the results published in “Cyber-security: The Vexed Question of Global Rules,” the first global report on cyberdefense, we can see that companies, organizations, and even governments are well advised to use this day for some brainstorming about the current situation, how to improve it, and how to help employees and citizens to better understand the risks.

So please take a look at the material online at the Safer Internet Day website and have a nice–and safer–day.