Android Malware Retest Puts McAfee Mobile Security at Top of Class

On March 6, the widely recognized institute AV-TEST published a long awaited review of Malware Protection for Android–with really disappointing results for us :( And the report was widely quoted in the media.

An analysis on our side quickly showed that an outdated version of McAfee Mobile Security had been tested. Yesterday AV-TEST announced that they had run a retest and they released an update of the results. This time, the current version of McAfee Mobile Security ( and the new results reflect where we (and you) expect us to be: At the top.

In the test the top 10 products are rated with a >90 percent detection rate. A more detailed report of malware family detection shows we were one of just three products with flawless detection through all malware families. You can read all about the test and download the full report at

We are happy that the confusion could be cleared up. If you ever needed a compelling reason to update to the latest version, then this test is one.