Mother’s Day a Lure for Fake Gift Offers

Mother’s Day is normally celebrated by people to express their love for their mothers. We sometimes buy them special gifts such as watches, antiques, greeting cards, or flowers. Spammers also celebrate Mother’s Day, but with a different goal in mind.

As always, spammers like to take advantage of special occasions and festivals. Currently we see a trend in spam mails offering fake Rolex watches as the perfect gift on Mother’s Day. Should you buy one of these fake watches for your mother, or for anyone? Not from these people. Watch out for these emails and don’t click on the links in them.

Here are several common subject lines for Mother’s Day spam:

  • Make your mother happy
  • Mother’s day stock
  • Mother’s Day inventory
  • All about MOM
  • Weekend Extension
  • Trust me, they won’t know
  • Ordering Extension
  • All weekend
  • New deadline date
  • Extended deadline date
  • Mother’s Day extension
  • Do you love your mom? Show her by ordering beautiful flowers for 30% off
  • Mother’s Day Flowers For Under $20.00? Yep, This Is For Real
  • Hurry – Today is the last day to avoid rush delivery on Mother’s Day flowers



The preceding images are a few examples of Mother’s Day spam we’ve recently seen. The spam mail comes with an attachment and the image is of Rolex watches with some random text and the spammed URL is highlighted in bold as a part of the image.

Some example of spammed URLs:

  • hxxp://
  • hxxp://
  • hxxp://
  • hxxp://

It’s interesting that all of these URLs have the obfuscated word watch/watches in them.

Another spam campaign we’ve seen promotes fake websites that offer flowers and gifts at discounted rates for Mother’s Day. These fake sites work as web redirects to legitimate websites. Have a look at one of these:


As always, we advise you to not open or click links in mail from unknown persons.

And don’t forget to wish your dear mom a very happy Mother’s Day.