Donald Trump’s Twitter “seriously hacked,” tweets Lil Wayne lyrics

Exotically coiffured businessman and self-appointed Republican visionary Donald Trump is the owner of the latest high-profile Twitter account to be hacked. Trump joins the esteemed ranks of Burger King and Jeep, with both companies suffering compromised accounts in the last few days.

The Trump hack was less colorful and briefer than the Burger King takeover. A single tweet was sent quoting a song lyric from Lil Wayne's verse in the ditty "Scream & Shout." Trump appeared to declare, "These hoes think they classy, well that's the class I'm skippen."

Unamused by the hack—and perhaps cognizant of the serious reputation damage being outed as a listener could cause—Trump later tweeted, "My Twitter has been seriously hacked--- and we are looking for the perpetrators." He went on to warn such exploits could render Twitter "irrelevant."

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