Kaspersky Lab’s US Website Running Outdated and Insecure Version of Drupal

When it comes to internet security one of the most basic steps is keeping your software up to date. In sign of how poor the state of internet security is, even security companies are not taking such a basic step. The US website of Kaspersky Lab, which the New York Times has described as “Europe‚Äôs largest antivirus company“, is running a very out of date version of Drupal:

Kaspersky Lab US Website is Running Drupal 6.19

Kaspersky Lab has failed to update the software for over two years, the next version Drupal 6.20 was released back in December of 2010, and they have missed the last 4 security updates. Updating between versions of Drupal 6 is relatively easy, so there isn’t any excuse for a tech company not being able to keep it up to date.

Kaspersky Lab is not alone in this, last year we posted about Panda Security’s failure to update software running their websites even after some of their websites had been hacked.

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