Man convicted for hijacking ex-girlfriend’s MySpace account

After breaking up with her boyfriend of two and a half years, an Illinois woman began to notice obscene messages being posted from her MySpace account. One post included her contact information and a picture of her in a thong. Another read: "Need a blow job? My dad buys them for my boyfriends." She was surprised because although she had shared her password with her ex-boyfriend, she changed it after the breakup.

She called her ex-boyfriend, Steven Kucharski, and demanded that he remove the content or she would go to the police. According to court records, he "started 'giggling and laughing' and told her that she deserved it."

The police investigated. A search warrant to MySpace revealed logs showing that the obscene content had been posted from an IP address belonging to Kucharski's father. Kucharski had helped the woman set up her MySpace account and used an e-mail address that belonged to him. This allowed Kucharski to gain access to the account even after she changed her password.

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