Fake Promotional Offers Targeting UEFA Champions League 2013

The 58th season of the UEFA Champions League is coming to an end with the final being played on May 25 at Wembley Stadium in London. Nowadays, cybercriminals are gaining a lot of interest in football, at least inasmuch as how to exploit interest in football to their advantage, and Symantec has recently blogged about cybercriminals continuing to show interest in football.

Spammers are exploiting the latest sporting event by sending spam of fake ticket offers through email. Below is an Italian spam campaign we have observed targeting the UEFA Champions League with a fake ticket offer promotion.

Champions league one.png

The spam can be identified by the following headers:

Subject: Scopri come puoi vincere i biglietti per la Finale UEFA Champions League.

Reply-To: Promo-Offerte <XXX@promo-[REMOVED].com>

Another spam email discusses the hospitality that is being organized for the UEFA Champions League final. The spam message invites users to watch the final in the most entertaining venues in London. The spammers offer many luxurious items, including a Q&A with football legends, champagne, betting, and large plasma screens to watch the final at the London Sky Bar.

Champions league two.png

Below are some of the headers observed in the hospitality spam emails:

  • Subject: Watch the UEFA Final like a true Champion
  • Subject: Who will win the battle of the German giants?
  • Subject: Spectacular setting for an evening of thrilling sport
  • Subject: Looking for an exclusive setting for Championship final?
  • Subject: Where will you be for clash of European Titans?
  • Subject: Looking for an evening of champion sport?
  • Subject: Sit back in comfort for Champions League final
  • From: European clash <mail@[REMOVED]>
  • From: Champion final <mail@[REMOVED]>
  • From: Champions League <mail@[REMOVED]>
  • From: German battle <mail@[REMOVED]>
  • From: UEFA Championship <mail@[REMOVED]>
  • From: Ultimate fixture <mail@[REMOVED]>
  • From: Wembley final <mail@[REMOVED]>

Symantec advises our readers to be cautious with unsolicited or unexpected emails related to the UEFA Champions League 2013 and to not be fooled by fake promotional offers. We are also monitoring spam attacks around the clock to ensure that readers are kept up to date with information on the latest threats.