Mike Walker Publishing on CIO.com and HP Discover Performance Blogs

Mike The Architect Blog: Mike Walker Publishing on CIO.com

Some of you may of noticed from a few of my tweets recently that my posts were coming from a few different sources. This wasn’t a mistake or a “fake” Mike Walker running around but a deliberate approach to my publishing.

After a lot of thought and consideration I decided that I have been covering a broad range of topics on www.MikeTheArchitect.com with topics ranging from the discipline of Enterprise Architecture, executive level content and even some Solution Architecture. Some of which is good and in alignment with the core EA topics of www.MikeTheArchitect.com but others a bit broader and loose in alignment. This is combined with my broad range of interests and activities as a strategic advisor that exposes me to a wide range of experiences and insights that I like to share with all of you. 

To make my content a bit more digestible and tailored to you I want publish to the appropriate sites so you get what you need.  As a result I will be publishing on these three sites:


Mike The Architect Blog: Mike Walker

Mike The Architect

I will continue publishing to “Mike The Architect” with Enterprise Architecture proven practices, guidance, news and insights.


Mike The Architect Blog: Mike Walker Publishing on CIO.com

CIO.com Enterprise Forum (http://www.enterprisecioforum.com/en/blogs/mikejwalker)

I plan on publishing content suited for CxO’s, executives and other business leaders here.


Mike The Architect Blog: Mike Walker Publishing on HP Discover Performance

HP Performance Discover Blog(http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/1414875)

This will be a resource for IT leaders looking for strategic insights and best practices to define, measure and achieve better performance.