Gartner EA Conference Summary in Top Influential Tweets

I usually don’t post recaps of events in their tweets but since I was unable to do full coverage of the event I have picked out what I thought to be the most influential tweets. Lots of good nuggets from the Gartner analysts along with commentary from myself and other EA’s at the event.


Day One

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Good advice from Betsey Burton: Time box your EA activities. Ex. Allstate Chief Arch 16 wks. To keep atten. of the biz #entarch #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Betsy Burton: business capability should be named <verb> <noun>. Do you agree? Not sure I do, mixing concerns. #entarch #bizarch #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Great overview on Business Capabilities by Betsy Burton. Here's a useful BCM I use. #entarch #bizarch #gartnerea …

· Pete G. ‏(@pgrivas) - Beyond a level 0/1 diagram, #ArchiMate seems to me like a great tool to continue on with Business Capability Modeling. Thoughts? #GartnerEA

· Olivier Laquinte ‏(@OLaquinte) - A process model describes how the business operates, while a business capability model describes what the business does #gartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Connecting Strategy to Execution Enablers. More than business capabilities. #entarch #bizarch #gartnerea …

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Business capabilities modeling bridges the gap between business strategy and IT execution. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Extending #GartnerEA thinking: Connecting Strategy to Execution is more than business capabilities. #entarch #bizarch …

· Voytek Janisz ‏(@VoytekTheEA) -Business Capability modeling is a great way to bridge communication gap between business and IT #GartnerEA #entarch

· Homero Padilla Cano ‏(@zerkhufu) - “nobody cares about your work, they care about your impact in creating/pushing business outcomes” @ #GartnerEA

· Olivier Laquinte ‏(@OLaquinte) - @brian_burke - since #EA are influencers, should they be on projects steering committees to ensure alignment? #gartnerEA

· Olivier Laquinte ‏(@OLaquinte) - Effectiveness + Efficiency = #EA Impact #gartnerEA

· Olivier Laquinte ‏(@OLaquinte) - Measuring #EA : actions as a result of influence is an impact #gartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Change is a team sport. #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Brian Burke told me no one cares about me, they only care about what I've done for them lately. #GartnerEA #welcometothebusiness

· Duncan Mundell ‏(@dcmundell) - It's the EA's responsibility to negotiate non-functional requirements by helping the business balance cost, risk and capabilities #GartnerEA

· Voytek Janisz ‏(@VoytekTheEA) - Use "Mickey Mouse" diagrams when communicating architecture to business. Leave UML, BPMN, ArchiMate behind. #entarch #GartnerEA

· Voytek Janisz ‏(@VoytekTheEA) - Panel discussion: "Architecture is about managing change and about communication" #entarch #GartnerEA

· Rebecca Newland ‏(@NewlandRebecca) - Five Things I Learned At The #Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit #GartnerEA

· Derek E. Weeks ‏(@weekstweets) - Gartner's @MarkRaskino "watch out for new roles of ChiefDataOfficer and ChiefDigitalOfficer at your corp this year". #gartnerea #opentext

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - The new CIO... Chief Innovation Officer. But the role is about much more than technology. #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Entrepreneurial is not a word that sits well with most CIOs. #GartnerEA

· Derek E. Weeks ‏(@weekstweets) -Who is managing your unstructured information? #gartnerea #opentext

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) -The way to succeed in social media: purpose, purpose, purpose. #GartnerEA #socialmedia

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - 90% of organizations social collaboration efforts fail. #GartnerEA

· Steve Armstrong (‏@sakarmstrong) - Enterprise architecture is something we do, not something we deliver. #gartnerea

· Homero Padilla Cano ‏(@zerkhufu) - “sharing information leads to business innovation and new ways to use information” @ #GartnerEA

· David Middleton (‏@_dmiddleton) - Social collaboration isn't disruptive b/c of the technology but b/c of how it is leveraged and utilized to affect change. #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Great talk on CEO concerns, but I keep thinking, "Bring me the holy hand grenade. #GartnerEA #projectingmontypython

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - The gap between the business and IT is one of understanding and ultimately a language gap between people. #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - You should never trust a survey people, really. #GartnerEA #CEOconcerns

· Derek E. Weeks ‏(@weekstweets) - @MarkRaskino Recession is still problem but tech is not slowing...expect more tech demand as growth strategies unfold #gartnerea #opentext

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Build systems to empower people. #GartnerEA #socialmedia

· Pete G. ‏(@pgrivas) - @mikejwalker From your tweets we must be at the same session at #GartnerEA. I love your site BTW - great information.

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - #GartnerEA is echoing my thoughts of #BizArch It's NOT creating strategy but rationalizing into execution #entarch …

· David Middleton (‏@_dmiddleton) - By 2020, alternatives to formal higher education will make education more engaging, broadly accessible and broadly recognized. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Betsy Burton: No.1 #bizarch mistake is to separate it from #EntArch They are one in the same. <-Agreed! #GartnerEA

· Michael McNamara ‏(@mfMcNamara) - Develop a crisis management playbook #GartnerEA

· Pete G. ‏(@pgrivas) - Worst practice in #EnterpriseArchitecture is starting out with current state #GartnerEA

· Pete G. ‏(@pgrivas) - #EnterpriseArchitecture is going to be a discipline of Strategic Planning by 2020 - #GartnerEA

· Homero Padilla Cano ‏(@zerkhufu) - increase sales is not strategy #GartnerEA

· Matt Edwards ‏(@mwedward) - "Only 10% of enterprises successfully execute their strategies - Michael Hammer." #gartnerea

· Matt Edwards ‏(@mwedward) - The key to successful business architecture is family counseling. Get past the tears and differences, and work together. #gartnerea

· Ryan Pehrson ‏(@rpehrson) - #GartnerEA Betsy Burton. "60% of EA is 'Family Counseling'"

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Want to add value as an EA? 1. deliver real outcomes, 2. deliver signature ready recommendations. #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - There are no IT projects. There are only business projects. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - #GartnerEA External disruptions effect EA. <- Agreed posted in '09: EA is Different Based On Where You Live #entarch …

· Voytek Janisz ‏(@VoytekTheEA) - When strategy is not articulated, it is the business outcomes that can help frame it up. #entarch #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Even if your strategy isn't explicitly documented you can derive it from what you are currently doing. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - #GartnerEA Keynote: Let industry frameworks guide not prescribe <-Agree #entarch

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - #GartnerEA Keynote: Frameworks are bad, let us introduce a new framework and method #entarch

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Categorize EA business driven outcomes as: run, grow or transform. #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - EA goes agile and pragmatic according to Brian Burke. #GartnerEA

· Matt Edwards ‏(@mwedward) - Business objectives should be timeboxed (as should everything)... #gartnerea

· Voytek Janisz ‏(@VoytekTheEA) - Business outcome driven EA is the next wave after the framework-driven EA #GartnerEA #entarch

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - EA is entering third phase. First was framework, followed by process and moving towards business outcome driven EA. #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - By 2015 40% of global 1000 companies will use gamification as a strategy. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - BYOD will double the amount of malware in the enterprise through 2014 #GartnerEA #entarch

· Duncan Mundell ‏(@dcmundell) - Successful #enterprisearchitecture is all about outcomes and not just processes and standards alone. #gartnerea

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - By 2015 #bigdata demand will reach 1 million jobs but only 1/3 will be filled #GartnerEA #entarch

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - By 2015 big data will reach 1 million jobs in global 1000 but only 1/3 will be filled. #GartnerEA

· Matt Durham ‏(@matthewdurham) - Enterprise architects influence $1.1 trillion in enterprise IT spend according to #Gartner #GartnerEA. My influence is somewhat smaller.


Day Two

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - BYOD = Bring Your Own Data #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Prediction: we will use 4 - 6 devices and share data via the cloud. #GartnerEA #hopenot

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - BYO-let-my-company-and-I-decide-what-is-best-for-both-of-us #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - 13% NEVER use company supplied devices for personal communications. Is that on or off the record? #GartnerEA #neverisaverystrongword

· Brian Damiani ‏(@bwdamiani) - Interesting: The majority of speakers are British. All very good but an indicator that the US is still lagging in EA adoption? #GartnerEA

· Vijay Nuthulapaty ‏(@VNatGartnerEA) - @markmcgregor Coming to #GartnerEA made me realize that my team is not alone in challenges with EA. Definitely therapeutic.

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Found my new favorite phrase in the disruption session: behavioral economics. Can I now have a behavioral recession? #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - #5 disruption: brain science and neurobusiness. #GartnerEA

· Vijay Nuthulapaty ‏(@VNatGartnerEA) - @mikejwalker Amen brother. And not just detailed designs, issue resolution as well. #gartnerea

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Scott Bittler - “Just because you can do something [detail design] as an EA doesn’t mean you should” #GartnerEA #EntArch

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - #3 disruption to business: robotics and human augmentation. #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - #2 disruption to business: human system interaction. #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - #1 disruption to business: the internet of things. #GartnerEA

· Vijay Nuthulapaty ‏(@VNatGartnerEA) - Met a lot of interesting architects at #gartnerea . By my guesstimate only 50% are in an EA role currently.

· Voytek Janisz ‏(@VoytekTheEA) - EA roadmaps are visualization of strategy. Use them to articulate known strategy or to help elicit it from business. #GartnerEA #entarch

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Favor enablement not control in your EA program. #GartnerEA

· Duncan Mundell ‏(@dcmundell) - Successful enterprise architecture is about doing the basics right. Focus on the business and communicate. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Agree with Keith Meador -> At the end of the day, the last mile is all that matters. Make your efforts signature ready #EntArch #GartnerEA

· Olivier Laquinte (‏@OLaquinte) - K.Meador, #starbucks |The job of an #EA is not to get the right answer, it's to get the best one in a collaborative way #gartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Keith Meador has captured the essence of EA. The fact he works for @Starbucks and is also from Seattle introduces no bias. #GartnerEA

· Mike Walker ‏(@mikejwalker) - Starbucks preso started w/ a coffee tasting & biz overview. Kudos to Keith on EA leadership and focus. #GartnerEA #EntArch

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - Coffee is a connection at Starbucks. EA is about connections as well. Well played coffee giant. #GartnerEA

· Brian Oberman ‏(@brianoberman) - Starbucks is giving out free coffee at their presentation. #GartnerEA @Starbucks #score

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - On an innovation slide: Design serendipitous workspaces. <- Acceptance is a big cultural indicator. Trust me, I know. #GartnerEA

· Wes DeVault ‏(@wvipersg) - Use caution when trying to roll up risk Indicators to one indicator score. You may end up missing things you will need. #gartnerEA

· Michael McNamara ‏(@mfMcNamara) - WIIFT - What's in it for them? "... thats the bacon!" Cathleen Blanton #GartnerEA

· Fred (‏@froidianslip) - I've fallen in love with the six roles of technology innovation. Someone please tell my wife I'm sorry. #GartnerEA

· Brian Damiani ‏(@bwdamiani) - Enterprise Architecture should be done with others, not to them. From Cathleen Blanton's Roadmap presentation. #GartnerEA

· Pete G. ‏(@pgrivas) - "Roadmapping uses a graphical approach to visualize strategy". Key phrase: visualize strategy #GartnerEA

· Vijay Nuthulapaty ‏(@VNatGartnerEA) - Gartner's message around business value driven EA is consistent, not hearing the same from the crowd though. Thoughts? #GartnerEA