MIT Website Running on Very Outdated Version of Apache HTTP Server

When it comes to website security even institutions that you would think would be among the best able to able to protect themselves get hacked. In January the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) website was hacked on multiple occasions. While that seems surprising itself, what is more surprising is that more than six months after that happened MIT is still not taking care of the security of their website.

With our Server Details web browser extension you can see that MIT is using an outdated version of the Apache HTTP Server to run their website:
MIT's Website is Running on Apache 1.3.41The version they are using is not just a little out date. Support for Apache HTTP Server 1.3 ended back in February of 2010, so MIT should have upgraded to a newer version three and half years ago.

What does it say that even after getting hacked multiple times a major institution is not taking the security of their website seriously?