“Most” of Apple’s developer site services to be restored “this week”

Roughly two weeks after it first acknowledged the problem, Apple has restored many of the services that were taken offline when its developer site servers were accessed by an "intruder" on July 18. Developers can once again access iOS and OS X betas, view prerelease documentation, download certificates, and watch videos from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) sessions just as they could before the security breach. Apple today sent out an update via e-mail to registered developers regarding the remaining services.

"We plan to reinstate most of the remaining services this week: Xcode automatic configuration as well as access to license agreements, TSIs, program enrollments, and renewals in Member Center," the company said. The message went on to reiterate that the status page that Apple created about a week after the breach remains the most up-to-date source of information, and developers whose program subscriptions were set to expire during the outage would continue to have their subscriptions extended. Membership renewal is one of the services that remains down, and extending these developers' subscriptions guarantees that their apps won't be delisted from Apple's various app stores.

Following the breach, Apple promised that it would be performing an "overhaul" of its developer systems, including security updates and a rebuilding of the company's database. In its initial status updates on the security breach Apple promised that no "sensitive" information had been accessed, but as always we recommend a password change and two-factor authentication for any registered Apple developer whose information may be at risk.

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