Come Join Me and Influence Enterprise Architecture Capabilities and Business Architecture

At the Open Group Conference in London I will be leading two very impactful work streams for the practice of Enterprise Architecture. The first is an Enterprise Architecture Capability Model. This model takes the concept of a capability and applies it to the outcomes you want to achieve from Enterprise Architecture. If done right, this will be a huge productivity gain for enterprise architects.

The second is another highly highly impactful area of Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture. If your an Open Group member and have a passion for advancing Business Architecture please join the group of high caliber architects to advance this area of EA.

Below you find a more through overview and scheduling details for just the EA Capability session. To attend the Business Architecture work stream you must be a TOG member. If you want to talk to me personally at the conference or otherwise please leave a note in the comments.

Details for the Enterprise Architecture Capability Sessions

Attendees of the Open Group London conference are welcome to join the Open Group’s EA Best Practice Development Workshop on Wednesday Oct 23 9:30-12:30. In the workshop, we will explore best practice and benchmarking based assessment of enterprise architecture management and process maturity. Our purpose is to enable organizations to identify and execute improvements that deliver real business value.You might of seen some of my EA Capability work before, if not below are some links that might be helpful. Within the Open Group the view on the work will take a similar approach.

During the workshop an EA Capability Model, Assessment and Best Practice framework will be presented. As a participant you are expected to ask questions, make comments and influence the development of the framework. Your experience, expectations and requirements will through a series of round table discussion sessions.

In developing this best practice and benchmarking it is very important that the Architecture Forum understand the views of Open Group customer organizations that do Enterprise Architecture in-house, as well as experts in the field.

This workshop has very limited space and requires a reservation. To attend you must be registered at the Open Group conference and have a workshop reservation. To obtain a reservation please contact Raina Wissing ([email protected])


New iOS 7 bug lets you make non-emergency calls from the lock screen

Forbes reported late Friday that a new bug has been discovered in devices running iOS 7. This time, the bug lets a person with physical access to a phone to place any kind of call from the “Emergency Call” screen—even to international numbers and premium numbers (like adult chat lines and tech support numbers).

To produce the bug, simply type any number into the Emergency Call screen, then rapidly tap the Call button until the phone brings up an empty screen with an Apple logo. At that point, the phone is making the call to the number requested.

Just one day after the release of iOS 7 this week, a first bug was discovered—also in the lock screen—that allowed someone to access photos on the phone from the new Control Center feature. From there, an attacker could open the Share menu in the Photos app to view all the contacts stored on the phone and could send out pictures via the Messages app or to any e-mail addresses or social media accounts that were linked to the app. Still, users could disable the Control Center feature to protect themselves from such an attack until Apple issued a fix.

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Cracker of Apple’s fingerprint scanner to win booze, cash, and bitcoins

A prize of more than $19,000 (and counting) in cash, bitcoins, and booze is being offered to the first hacker to crack the fingerprint scanner on Apple's newly released iPhone 5S.

The contest is being run by a micro venture capital firm and a group of security researchers and requires the hacker who wins the prize to "reliably and repeatedly break into an iPhone 5s by lifting prints (like from a beer mug)," according to the website

Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner present on the more expensive of Apple's two new iPhones, is supposed to make users' personal details more secure and can also be used to make iTunes purchases. The scanner offers a 500 pixel-per-inch resolution and can read sub-epidermal skin layers, storing encrypted fingerprint data (although, crucially, not images of the prints themselves) locally on the phone's chip, but doubts about quite how secure it is are being expressed.

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