Book Review: Delivering enterprise architecture with TOGAF and ArchiMate

Delivering enterprise architecture with TOGAF® and ArchiMate® (english version)I wanted to share with all of you a great learning resource if you're interested and understanding the  Enterprise Architecture modeling notation called ArchiMate. If you follow my blog you have seen me talk about ArchiMate in the past as the “go to” standard for EA’s. But I have also warned EA’s about taking these notations too far with my latest post entitled, “Don’t Get Caught Up In The Architecture Modeling Debate”.

I would like to provide you with a link to a book that I think is worth while looking at. It’s called, Delivering enterprise architecture with TOGAF and ArchiMate

Full disclosure, I did an early review of the book and wrote the forward for it.

However, I believe the book was written by the authority for ArchiMate, the Chair of the ArchiMate forum within the Open Group. Based on that and other facts I feel very comfortable endorsing this book.

Personally, I believe ArchiMate is extremely well-suited for enterprise architects and their modeling needs. It provides the right level of semantics for engaging at the level of abstraction that enterprise architects typically work at. But again, this is a tool used by and for EA’s not all stakeholders.


This book will help you in these two primary ways:

  1. General Purpose Learning Aid
    1. Scenarios. What really sets this book apart from other books is that it takes a set of scenarios and applies it to the ArchiMate body of knowledge. 
    2. TOGAF as the Method. Most of us know TOGAF, which means we should be able to relate to the concepts illustrated. In my opinion this is a very helpful learning aid and will be immediately relatable to your current work.
  2. EA Practice Accelerator. This book can also serve as a accelerator to our current architectural work. Given all the rich models and tie back to TOGAF we can continuously go back to map the things we do as EAs to the illustrations shown in the book. It’s like a handbook of sorts.


Below is a link to the book and some other supplemental resources.

Slideshare Presentation