Announcing The Texas Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects

Mike the Architect Blog: Texas Association of Enterprise Architects

I would like to be the first to announce the Texas Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects!

Myself and the rest of the the leadership have been working very hard to create this chapter. This post provides a quick overview of the Global Association of Enterprise Architects and the Texas Chapter of the AEA along with an invite to the first meeting in Austin Texas.


Introduction to the Global Association of Enterprise ArchitectsMike The Architect Blog: Association of Enterrpise Archtiects logo

  This chapter is part of a greater global organization called the Association of Enterprise Architects. The Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA) is the only definitive professional organization for Enterprise Architects with over 35,000 professionals world-wide.

Its goals are:

  • Raise the status of the EA profession
  • Foster an already vibrant EA community
  • Access to EA thought leadership
  • Increase market value of professionals


Introduction of the Texas AEA

These were all great goals and I wanted to bring this level of professionalism to Texas. In this state there is a vibrant community of Texas professionals, vendors and consortiums offers thought leadership, visions for the future, and proven practices based on reality of today. Building on the Global AEA Texas has the following objectives:

Mike the Architect Blog: Texas Association of Enterprise Architects


This chapter will strive to have the following characteristics to ensure a vibrant and highly interactive community forum. We will be…

  • Regular. With quarterly and monthly meetings starting first in Austin, TX and then branching out to Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.
  • Impactful. Through full day events we hope to draw in top speakers in the architecture community.
  • Highly Interactive . These meetings and events focus first on the community and take the best from a conferences and a user groups.
  • High Quality. The key to a vibrant and sustainable community is to make sure there is high quality discussions and interactions.

We have been lucky with some top notch sponsorship support and I would like to personally thank all these vendors for helping to make this happen! With out your support it would be difficult for us to get this moving.


Mike the Architect Blog: Texas Association of Enterprise Architects



Join Us!

So what’s left to say, but come on and join us in this professional network. Myself and the rest of the Texas AEA members would be honored to have you join.

You can join by coming to our first meeting in Austin Texas on January 30th. You can find the invite here.


If your  still not sold, below are a few reasons why I think it’s important for all of you to consider:

  • The Network. There is already 700 members of the AEA w/out an established chapter.
  • Access. You have the ability to access not only the Texas chapter but others along with job boards and other collaborative features.
  • Amplification. Amplify YOUR voice in the community. Show your and your company’s leadership in the market.
  • SIG’s. Special interest groups are a great way to get smart and passionate people together to create exciting and new innovative ideas.
  • And much more…