Go Daddy Still Using phpMyAdmin Version That Hasn’t Been Supported for Two and Half Years

In the past we have mentioned a number of web hosts who were not keeping the MySQL  administration software phpMyAdmin running on their servers up to date. In addition to the risk that directly poses to the websites hosted with them, due to the fact that the web host is running software with known vulnerabilities, it is indication that the web host might not be handling other parts of the security properly either.

Go Daddy is yet another web host who hasn’t kept phpMyAdmin up to date on their system. They are currently running phpMyAdmin Support, including security updates, for the 2.11.x series ended on July 12, 2011. While running software that hasn’t been supported for two and half years is pretty bad, it pales in comparison to other web hosts who we have seen running up to seven years out of date versions. What makes Go Daddy worth mentioning is they promoted that they were using after support had ended.

On the day after support for 2.11.x ended they put out notification about the need to update newer versions of phpMyAdmin to fix several vulnerabilities. The notification reads in part (the emphasis is theirs):

The developers of the popular browser-based MySQL tool, phpMyAdmin, recently released updates to patch multiple critical security vulnerabilities in phpMyAdmin 3.4.3 and earlier. The vulnerabilities could let attackers overwrite session information to bypass authentication, inject malicious code, or perform other actions.

Good news, though. The 2.11.x versions aren’t affected. We use phpMyAdmin version, so you don’t need to worry if you’re using our shared hosting. (But, it’s a good time to make sure all your other hosting apps are up to date. For more information, see Upgrading to a New Version of a Hosting Quick-Install Application.)

If you use phpMyAdmin 3.4.3 or earlier on a virtual or dedicated server, you must download and install the patch or latest version.

That shows that Go Daddy was aware that phpMyAdmin could contain security vulnerabilities and that it needs to be kept up to date. Yet they were touting that they were running a version that was no longer supported with security updates.

It does appear that Go Daddy made attempt to upgrade their phpMyAdmin installation around a year ago, as the phpMy Admin documentation on the server is for phpMyAdmin 3.5.5, which was released on December 20, 2012. Other web hosts are able to handle upgrading phpMyAdmin in timely manner, so it would appear Go Daddy has some serious problems if they are not even able to complete an upgrade.