Journalist who made up “Hack Heaven” story barred from legal profession

Infamous journalist Stephen Glass was portrayed by Hayden Christensen in Shattered Glass, a 2003 movie about his brief career at The New Republic. Chloe Sevigny played Caitlin Avey, a character modeled on one of Glass' coworkers.

In 1998, The New Republic published a story about a hacker throwing a tantrum. 15-year-old Ian Restil, featured in a story called "Hack Heaven," was shouting at executives from a major software firm called Jukt Micronics.

"I want more money," said Restil. "I want a Miata. I want a trip to Disney World. I want X-Man comic [book] number one. I want a lifetime subscription to Playboy and throw in Penthouse. Show me the money! Show me the money!"

"It's pretty amazing that a 15-year-old could get a big-time software firm to grovel like that," marveled the writer, Stephen Glass.

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