Checking For Outdated Plesk Installations or InfoRiskToday’s Bad Security

One of the biggest obstacles we see to improving website security is that many of the organizations that should be leading on security are not even taking basic website security measures themselves. One type of organization we see that with is news organizations that cover web security. Previously we discussed several that were running very out of date and insecure versions of Drupal. This time we will use InfoRiskToday, which describes itself as providing “credible, timely information that security leaders can put to use as they craft comprehensive information security strategies”, to highlight a security risk and several tools that we provide that can make detecting it relatively easy.

Plesk is control panel software that runs under a website and permits management of the software on the server and configuring the server. It also has had serious security vulnerabilities that have lead to many websites being hacked (one example being a major hack at Media Temple). The way to remain relatively secure against that sort of thing is to keep Plesk up to date, as should be done with all software. Unfortunately what we have seen is that there are still servers using Plesk 9, for which extended support ended back in June of last year. Since it isn’t supported anymore, if a new security vulnerability was found it wouldn’t be fixed, so Plesk should be updated to a supported version as soon possible to keep it secure.

We have created a pair of web browser extensions available for Chrome that can make checking for such an outdated Plesk installation relatively easy. The first one, Control Panel Login, looks for HTTP headers that indicate that Plesk is in use and when found displays the Plesk logo in the URL bar. Here is how looks when you visit InfoRiskToday’s website:

Plesk Icon Shown When Visiting InfoRiskToday's Website

Clicking on the icon takes you to the standard URL for logging on to Plesk from the website. Our second extension then comes in to play. Control Panel Version Check will display an icon in the URL bar if it detects that a page with Plesk version information is being visited. Clicking on the icon will then display the version information and indicate if it is outdated. In InfoRiskToday’s case you can see that they are still using Plesk 9:

InfoRiskToday is running Plesk 9.5.4