New Google Chrome feature warns users when browser has been hijacked

Google engineers have added a new feature to the Chrome browser that automatically warns users when browsing settings have been altered by malicious software.

The new protection was unveiled in a blog post published Friday by Linus Upson, Google's vice president of engineering. It is designed to augment a feature introduced in October that allows users to return Chrome settings to a factory-fresh state with the click of a single button.

Malicious code frequently included with screensavers and other free software can surreptitiously make any number of changes to Chrome settings. Injecting ads into webpages and blocking the ability to revert settings to those previously chosen by the user are two of the more common ways unscrupulous developers tamper with browser options. The hijackings were among the top issue users reported in Chrome help forums when the reset button was introduced in October. Upson explained:

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