Report: Secret Service investigates possible network breach of Sears

The US Secret Service is investigating a possible attack on the corporate network of Sears Holdings Corp. after high-profile hacks of Target, Neiman Marcus, and possibly other retailers have compromised tens of millions of credit cards, Bloomberg News reported.

"There have been rumors and reports throughout the retail industry of security incidents at various retailers and we are actively reviewing our systems to determine if we have been a victim of a breach," a Sears spokesman said in a statement, according to a report published Friday. "We have found no information based on our review of our systems to date indicating a breach."

Neither the Bloomberg report nor the statement from Sears said when the investigation began or provided other details. KrebsOnSecurity reporter Brian Krebs, who originally broke news of the Target breach, cautioned that there's reason to believe there may be no breach at Sears.

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