ING US and Voya Financial Websites Running Outdated and Insecure Versions of Drupal

When it comes to¬†keeping websites secure one of the basic things that needs to be done is to keep the software running the website up to date. This prevents the website from being exploited through a known vulnerability in old versions of the software that has been fixed in a subsequent release. We know that many websites are not doing this, which is troubling, but what is more troubling is that the major institutions are not even doing this with their websites. Last week we looked at major security software provider not doing it and if you go back in this blog, you can find other examples. Today let’s look at example of a major financial institution in the same boat. ING US, which in the process of rebranding as Voya Financial, reports having $511 billion of assets under management and administration and serving approximately 13 million customers. They use Drupal for main portion of the ING US website. Using our Drupal Version Check web browser extension, available for Firefox and Chrome, you can check if it is up to date:

The ING US Website is Running a Drupal Version Below 6.28You can see that they are not. With a little further checking we were able to determine they are using Drupal 6.19. That means they haven’t updated the software in over three years and they have failed to apply five six security updates (6.21, 6.23, 6.27, 6.28, 6.29, and 6.30). It is important to note that account access portions of their website are separate from the main website, so they are not directly impacted by this lax security. Though it does raise the question of how well they secure the other portions of their website if they are not doing something this basic. Also, if someone could exploit one of the vulnerabilities in the version of Drupal on the main website they could change the links directing people to the account access portion of the website to another location and use that to gather login credentials.

It isn’t just the ING US website that has an out of date version of Drupal in use. The website for their new name, Voya Financial, also is using an outdated Drupal version:

The Voya Financial Website is Running a Drupal Version Below 7.25With a little further checking we were able to determine they are using a version no newer than Drupal 7.21. That means that they haven’t updated the software in nearly a year and they have missed at least two security updates (7.24 and 7.26).