Listen to the results of our Internet spy project

In conjunction with penetration testing firm Pwnie Express, our own Sean Gallagher spent a week tapping the Internet traffic of National Public Radio (NPR) tech reporter Steve Henn, hoping to learn what passive surveillance can glean in the post-Snowden world. It turns out that, despite more encryption, personal data still leaks like crazy from apps, services, and websites, as we detailed in our 5,000 word report on the experiment.

This week, NPR aired a series of four radio pieces on Morning Edition that ran through the experiment and its results with an eye toward more mainstream Internet users. Henn did a terrific job making the project accessible and interesting. Together, the pieces form a nice 30-minute primer on just how much data all of us are leaking in the clear on a daily basis. If you haven't had a chance to check out the series, which concluded on Friday, take a listen—and then pass the links along to any friends and family who could use an education in online privacy (and the lack thereof).

Listen to NPR's "Project Eavesdrop"

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