After e-mail takeover, copycats demand cash to expose Bitcoin’s creator

A screenshot used as proof that an unknown person has taken control of the e-mail address of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Messages demanding payment in order to out details about mysterious Bitcoin creator "Satoshi Nakamoto" have proliferated in the few days since an unknown person took control of the e-mail address historically used by the reclusive cryptographer.

By Friday, at least seven messages on Pastebin threatened to release information, or "dox," taken from Satoshi Nakamoto's e-mail account on, the address used in Nakamoto's original Bitcoin paper. The messages used at least five different Bitcoin addresses and demanded varying amounts of Bitcoin in order to reveal Nakamoto's true identity.

"Satoshis [sic] dox, passwords and IP addresses will be published when this address has reached 25 BTC," stated one demand.

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