McAfee Founds Cyber Threat Alliance With Industry Partners

As the largest dedicated security vendor, McAfee’s goal is to help customers and consumers feel secure in the digital world. It’s certainly not simple, and it’s challenging to keep up with the bad guys. One way to do that is to match our adversaries’ aggressive drive to innovate with our own deeper commitment to collaborate with other members of the security industry.

It’s with that in mind that McAfee has joined Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec as cofounders of the Cyber Threat Alliance. The purpose of the alliance is to drive more effective industry-level collaboration on the analysis and eradication of cybersecurity threats, and to deliver stronger protection to individuals and organizations across all industries.

Security vendors already share threat feeds of various kinds. In fact, McAfee currently has more than 50 partners in our security research ecosystem, through which we exchange threat data or consume threat feeds. What’s different about this agreement is that Cyber Threat Alliance members will share fresher, more complete, and more actionable threat data on the complex and subtle aspects of modern threats:

  • Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Botnet control server information
  • Mobile malware samples
  • Indicators of compromise (IoCs) related to targeted attacks

The alliance establishes a simple model through which member organizations can securely and expeditiously share threat data. This data will help members—and their customers—by bringing greater visibility into threats and techniques that they might otherwise lack.

How will this information sharing benefit McAfee customers? Customers will have access to an even broader and fresher collection of threat intelligence to improve protection. By incorporating new threat knowledge into their McAfee security infrastructure, customers will be able to protect their assets sooner and more comprehensively, despite the increasing complexity of threats.

As soon as the sharing mechanisms are in place—we expect them before the end of the year—the shared data will become part of McAfee’s back-end databases and processes that McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) uses to enhance protection. It will then be visible to all of McAfee’s network and endpoint security products through their integration with McAfee GTI.

We need to understand and be poised to react to the latest complex and multidimensional attacks of today and tomorrow. This alliance provides a critical framework for educating each other on the infrastructure and evolving tactics behind these attacks.

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