Disconnect’s new app pulls the plug on supercookies, other tracking


Disconnect, the not-for-profit company behind the eponymous online privacy tool and “malvertising” blocking service, released a new version of its virtual private networking and privacy protection service for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X this morning. Disconnect has offered versions of its service on these platforms in the past, but the latest edition is the first to bring an enhanced version of what the company first introduced on the privacy-oriented Blackphone to these other operating systems.

The service is available through Apple’s App Store and the company’s website (not the Google Play or Windows stores), and it adds filtering of cell provider “supercookies” and other common tracking data captured by websites and mobile applications. Disconnect has also inked a deal with Deutsche Telekom to offer its software and services as a promotional bundle to DT customers.

The new Disconnect app and service comes in free and premium versions. The free application simply provides the user with a visualized record of tracking performed by websites and mobile applications, showing what tracking cookies are used and whose cookies they are. It also shows any unsecured connections within sites using otherwise secure HTTPS connections.

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