Note to Web Hosts: SimpleScripts is No Longer Being Updated

When it comes to what needs to be done to improve the security of websites there are so many things that could and should be done, but certain of them stand out for various reasons. One of the issues that stands out for us is web hosts who are distributing outdated web software. Web hosts are quick to blame many hacks on outdated web software – usually without evidence to support the claim – so you would think they would be careful about making sure that when they distribute web software through one-click installers and other similar mechanism that they are keeping the version available up to date. Too often that isn’t the case, back in November we looked at GoDaddy’s distribution of quite old versions of various software. The other day we ran across another example worth highlighting involving the one-click installer SimpleScripts.

While doing a cleanup of a hacked WordPress website we logged into the web host’s control panel for the website and got a pop up that the WordPress installation needed to be updated. Following the link in that brought up the SimpleScripts upgrade page and on that there was obvious problem, it listed the current version of WordPress as 3.9:

SimpleScripts Web Page Screenshot

Version 3.9 hasn’t been the current version since 3.9.1 was released on May 8, 2014. A quick look at the list of the software versions provided by SimpleScripts showed that WordPress wasn’t alone in having a very out of date version provided. As best we can tell SimpleScripts is not being supported anymore. The SimpleScripts website makes no mention of it, but it appears that the service might have been replaced with another one-click installer MOJO Marketplace.

If you use a web host that is still using SimpleScripts please let know that it is no longer being updated and should be replaced.