A cyber war staged in central London

Forty-two amateur cyber defenders gathered on the HMS Belfast in London this week to take part in a cyber terrorist attack simulation run by the Cyber Security Challenge UK.

The competition, known as the Masterclass and developed by a group of cyber experts led by BT, is now in its fifth year and aims to plug the skills shortage currently affecting both governments and UK businesses. The competition essentially invites participants to put their skills to the test and experience a dramatized version of events faced by regular cybercrime fighting professionals. It also allows sponsors of the competition such as BT, Lockheed Martin, and Airbus, to hover on the sidelines and cherry pick the next cybercrime busting whizz kids.

In 2014, the competition took place in an underground bunker of the Churchill War Rooms, with prizes worth £100,000 going toward educational and career advancement opportunities.

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wig – CMS Identification & Information Gathering Tool

wig is a web application information gathering tool, which can identify numerous Content Management Systems and other administrative applications. It’s strength is CMS identification, it can also attempt to do OS fingerprinting. The application fingerprinting is based on checksums and string matching of known files for different versions of...

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