Windows 10 says “Hello” to logging in with your face and the end of passwords

Windows 10 will let you log in to your PC, tablet, phone, or even website with nothing more than your finger or face by using a pair of new features called Windows Hello and codename "Passport."

Windows Hello is a new integrated biometric system for passwordless authentication on Windows devices. Windows 10 users will be able to log in using their faces, their fingerprints—already common on many laptops—or their eyeballs, using iris recognition. The system will support automatic sign-in simply by sitting in front of the PC, Kinect-style.

The goal is to obviate the need for passwords, which continue to be a weak link in computer security. Weak passwords and passwords shared across multiple systems continue to expose people and sites to attack, and biometrics are increasingly being promoted as the solution to this problem.

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