Apps to Get Kids Offline and Outside this Summer


It’s likely to be the first question you get after telling your kids to turn off their phones (for the zillionth time) this summer. If you haven’t gotten it yet, just wait. Wait. A little longer . . . okay . . . and there it is!

“What am I supposed to do?!”

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That’s your cue to smile and say, “Well, I’m glad you asked.”

We found a few apps to put in adventure arsenal to help make summer is more than SnapChat and Instagram.

Here are just a few of the boredom-busing apps we found:

Wannado app includes a list of events and activities going on in your area. You’ll find activities like music concerts, movies in the park, museum events, stage shows, dinner theatres, festivals, and fairs. Other apps in this family of to-dos include Eventbrite, Time to Enjoy, Gravy, and Goby. (Free, iOS, Android)

AllTrails app includes over 50,000 hiking and biking trails around the U.S. Look up some trails near you and go! The kids will love the photo upload ops! (Free, iOS, Android)

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Sky Guide

Chimani app includes National Parks in the U.S. as well as and overview of historical data and attractions. (Free, iOS, Android)

AllStays app helps you find local camping spots as well as services that rent tents, RVs, and camping supplies. (9.99, iOS, Android)

Groupon is a well-known coupon site with great deals on area activities. Find tickets to museums, sporting events, shows, and restaurants, Just enter your city and go! (Free, iOS, Android)

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Audubon Birds Pro app identifies 821 different bird species. This may a bit out of the box for your family but once your kids check out the recorded birdcalls, and maps, they may just become bird fans! (9.99, iOS, Android)

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Craftsy app has hours, days, and weeks of how-to videos on everything from jewelry making, cake decorating, photography, woodworking cooking, painting, you name it. The app includes some free classes but you will have to pay for others. You can also take classes online at Similar apps: Craftgawker, Guidecentral. (Free, iOS, Android)

Curious app is packed with hours of summer learning. Like Craftsy, you can learn new craft or hobby skills but Curious ups the learning with tech courses, survival skills, goal setting, marketing. You can also dive into history, math, a language or learn how to do a budget. The app is 4.99 a month but you can try it free for 30 days. It’s available on iOS and has an online site at

Skyguide app makes it easy to study the stars on a beautiful summer night. Grab a blanket and have hours of fun locating constellations and learning about the wonderland overhead. (1.99, iOS, Android)




Toni Birdsong is a Family Safety Evangelist to McAfee. You can find her on Twitter @IntelSec_Family. (Disclosures).

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