Hacking Team Failed To Take Basic Security Measure With Their Website

Over the last day there has been lot of news coverage of the hacking a company called Hacking Team, which sells surveillance software to various governments. Beyond the issues raised by the documents released, there is the also the implications of a cybersecurity firm being able to be hacked. CNET put it this way:

The hack shows just how vulnerable we all are to data breaches. If anyone should have been able to prevent an intruder from compromising their files, you’d think it would be the people who sell spy software that steals other people’s files. Apparently they weren’t prepared, though. Of course, the company’s fraught status in the hacking world might have made them more of a target to attackers than a regular person would be.

Since we deal in the security of websites we interested to see if they were even taking basic security measures with their website (we have often found that security companies are not). While their website is currently down, taking a look at the Google cache of their homepage showed a glaring security issue. As can be seen by looking at the meta generator tag in the source code of the page they are still running Joomla 1.5:


That version of Joomla reached end of life nearly three years, in September of 2012, so they should have longed moved to a newer, supported version of the software.

It is possible that they were taking better care of the security of the rest of their systems, but the lax security of their website certainly could be an indication of larger issues.