Intel Security Looks Back Five Years

August 19 marks the fifth anniversary of the announcement that Intel would acquire McAfee. For those of us who have been here since that day, it’s been an incredible ride.

In the McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2015, published today, we look back at those past five years and compare what we expected to happen with what actually happened in the cybersecurity landscape. Twelve key people who have been here during this period share their unique perspectives around such topics as the evolution of actors, their behaviors, and their targets; how the economics of the cybercrime marketplace have changed; and how the cybersecurity industry has responded to evolving threats. It’s a great read for anyone interested in cybersecurity history.

During the development of this article, some insights inevitably landed on the editor’s floor. In the weeks ahead, we will discuss additional findings from our interviews. Watch for those blog posts here.

2015Q2 Threats Report cover


In the August report, we also discuss data exfiltration. We examine attacker types, their motivations, and their likely targets; the methods and mechanisms they use to steal data; and policies businesses should embrace to better detect exfiltration. It’s a very interesting examination of this critical step in the cyberattack process.

And if you are interested in what security professionals have to say about top data exfiltration categories and techniques, their major concerns about data loss, and popular tools companies use to prevent data exfiltration, I encourage you to attend a webinar on September 16 during which we will present findings from a recent CISO survey.

Finally, we include a short piece in the August report on GPU attacks. This topic was prompted by public discussions about the viability of this form of cyberattack. The good news is that it remains very difficult to use GPUs for any meaningful form of cyberattack.

You can download the McAfee Labs Threat Report: August 2015 here. Happy reading.

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