Hacked toymaker leaked gigabytes worth of kids’ headshots and chat logs

(credit: Motherboard)

VTech, the hacked maker of electronic toys and apps that leaked the data of 4.8 million customers, including hundreds of thousands of children, exposed gigabytes worth of pictures and chat histories on the same compromised servers, according to an article published on Motherboard, the website that first broke news of the breach.

The news website said a hacker who asked to remain anonymous was able to download almost 200 gigabytes worth of photos of both parents and children who had registered with the site. The hacker also obtained logs of chats conducted between parents and their kids and in some cases recordings of conversations. VTech encouraged parents to take the headshots and use them with apps that allow them to interact with children. The hacker, who said he didn't intend to publish or sell the data, provided Motherboard with 3,832 image files and at least one audio recording for verification purposes.

It's not clear why VTech stored the data on its servers in the first place. The article reported:

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