Listen: Ars Editor Sean Gallagher turns an NPR IoT segment into a security lesson

Our Sean Gallagher (at left), always making news. (credit: Aurich Lawson)

As part of Ars UNITE last week, Ars IT Editor Sean Gallagher outlined what many already know—the Internet of Things (IoT) is inevitable. However, this being Ars, he also documented that future's dirty little secret. At the moment, companies seem to be overlooking the security of the Internet of Things in favor of its promise.

That revelation may not be new to Ars readers, who give a resounding "LOL, NO" to this movement. The past year includes dozens of IoT security horror stories from hacked baby monitors and eavesdropping laser printers to classics like commandeered smartlights or an army of remote-controlled routers. But the growing concern over IoT's darkside caught the eye of NPR's All Things Considered this week, and yesterday Gallagher joined host Robert Segal to tell him all about it.

We particularly felt some parental pride when Gallagher took the opportunity to chat IoT and turned it into a security lesson. Segal asked him if Ars readers are excited about the possibilities of IoT (again, "LOL, NO"), and Gallagher went on to explain how something as innocuous smartlights can be damning.

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