Webcast: Experts Explain McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions

In a live roundtable webcast yesterday, five Intel Security experts discussed predictions from the McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions report, which was published at the end of last year. The webcast was moderated by Raj Samani, Intel Security VP & CTO. Raj was joined by Intel Security experts Bruce Snell, Security & Privacy Director, Matthew Rosenquist, Cybersecurity Strategist, Christian Beek, Director of Threat Intelligence, and Jeannette Jarvis, Director of Product Management.

The panel discussed six specific predictions for 2016:

  • Hardware
  • Ransomware
  • Wearables
  • Automobiles
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Sharing threat intelligence

Following that, each offered their thoughts about cybersecurity during the next five years, covering such topics as the long-term evolution of cyber threats, personal data security and privacy, and the ongoing development of security on silicon. If you would like to listen to a replay of the webcast, you can find it here.

The McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions report contains two distinct views of the future.

In the first section of the report, we interviewed 21 key people within Intel Security. They were asked to look over the horizon and predict how the types of threat actors will change, how attackers’ behaviors and targets will change, and how the industry will respond between now and 2020.

In the second section, we drilled down and made specific predictions about expected threat activity in 2016. Predictions for this year run the gamut from ransomware to attacks on automobiles, and from critical infrastructure attacks to the warehousing and sale of stolen data.

The report can be found here.

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