Intel Security Wins 2015 AV-TEST Award for Best Usability

On February 17, AV-TEST CEO Guido Habicht announced that Intel Security was awarded the AV-TEST BEST USABILITY 2015 AWARD for McAfee Endpoint Security (Versions 8.8 and 10.0). This award is given annually to the most user-friendly enterprise-class product for the year.

20160217 AV Test 120160217 AV Test Jon accepts award

On behalf of Intel Security, Jon Carpenter (right) accepts the AV-TEST BEST USABILITY 2015 AWARD from Maik Morgenstern of AV-TEST.

“Corporate users opt for a solution that ensures low support overhead,” Habicht said. “With McAfee Endpoint Security, they get that thanks to its intelligent communication with the user.”

The AV-TEST BEST USABILITY AWARD is largely based on minimizing false positives while still protecting the endpoint. AV-TEST discussed this when presenting the award:

“Throughout the entire year of 2015 and six certification tests, the enterprise solution Intel Security McAfee Endpoint Security demonstrated how well it protects clients and, in doing so, does not generate false positives. This keeps users from being unsettled and ensures low support overhead within the enterprise. For the test detecting friend or foe, the client solution was required to visit websites, evaluate installations, and scan millions of files without triggering any false positives. For the best overall results, the product is receiving the AV-TEST AWARD.”

“Also in the test categories of performance and protection, the client-server solution demonstrated consistently superb results.”

Intel Security has invested to improve security content quality, including continuously expanding compatibility testing, building safety frameworks and production controls, and leveraging cloud-based field telemetry to identify and eliminate potential false detections in the field. Our usability test results throughout 2015 and AV-TEST’s BEST USABILITY AWARD confirm that our efforts have resulted in better customer outcomes.

More information about the award can be found here.

Consistently high scores

For years, McAfee Endpoint Security has received consistently high scores from AV-TEST for Protection, Usability, and Performance. It has received AV-TEST Certification in every enterprise endpoint test since they began in August 2011.

In the latest test, McAfee Endpoint Security received a total score of 16.5, with a perfect 6.0 score in the Usability category, the fifth time in a row the product has received a perfect score in that category.

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The latest AV-TEST test results, as well as other third-party test results, for Intel Security products can be found here.

I am very proud of the team’s ability to deliver consistently high marks from AV-TEST.

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