New batch of leaked Colin Powell e-mails lambasts Trump and Clinton

Add former Secretary of State Colin Powell to the list of high-ranking Washington insiders whose leaked e-mails are rankling theirĀ peers with just weeks to go before the US presidential election.

DC Leaks, a site that researchers at security firm ThreatConnect have linked to the Russian government, has published 26 months of Powell's e-mails, spanning from June 2014 to last month, news organizations reported Wednesday. The trove, which contains highly candid comments lambasting presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are part of a new batch that's separate from Powell e-mails leaked a few years ago. Powell aides reportedly confirmed the new compromise, telling The New York Times that the leaked messages "are his e-mails."

In the e-mails, Powell describes Trump as a "national disgrace" and portrays the candidate as someone who is unfit to be president.

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