Darknet 2018-07-30 12:08:50

Enumall – Subdomain Discovery Using Recon-ng & AltDNS

Enumall is a Python-based tool that helps you do subdomain discovery using only one command by combining the abilities of Recon-ng and AltDNS.

This gives you the ability to run multiple domains within the same session. The tool only has one module that needs an API key (/api/google_site) find instructions for that on the recon-ng wiki.

Setting up Enumall for Subdomain Discovery

Install recon-ng from Source, clone the Recon-ng repository:

git clone https://[email protected]/LaNMaSteR53/recon-ng.git

Change into the Recon-ng directory:

cd recon-ng

Install dependencies:

pip install -r REQUIREMENTS

Link the installation directory to /usr/share/recon-ng

ln -s /$recon-ng_path /usr/share/recon-ng

Optionally (highly recommended) download:

– AltDNS
– A good subdomain bruteforce list (example here)

Create the config.py file and specify the path to Recon-ng and AltDNS as it showed in config_sample.py.

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