Sooty – SOC Analyst All-In-One CLI Tool

Sooty – SOC Analyst All-In-One CLI Tool

Sooty is a tool developed with the task of aiding a SOC analyst to automate parts of their workflow and speed up their process.

The main goal of Sooty is to perform as much of the routine checks as possible which allows the analyst more time to spend on deeper analysis.

Features of Sooty SOC Analyst CLI Tool

  • Sanitise URL’s to be safe to send in emails
  • Perform reverse DNS and DNS lookups
  • Perform reputation checks from:
    • VirusTotal
    • BadIP’s
    • Abuse IPDB
  • Check if an IP address is a TOR exit node
  • Decode Proofpoint URL’s, UTF-8 encoded URLS, Office SafeLink URL’s and Base64 Strings
  • Get file hashes and compare them against VirusTotal (see requirements)
  • Perform WhoIs Lookups
  • Check Usernames and Emails against HaveIBeenPwned to see if a breach has occurred.

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