Deepfake deception: the emerging threat of deepfake attacks

One of the fastest evolving technologies today is that of deepfakes. The term “deepfakes” is taken from deep learning, and refers to synthesised and/or superimposed images and videos created by artificial intelligence (AI) using existing images and videos. The technology has seen a meteoric rise in use as the AI technology that underpins it has continued to develop. In 2019 alone, cybersecurity specialist Deeptrace estimated that the number of deepfake videos online had doubled to nearly 15,000 – a number which continues to rise exponentially. The Law Society of Scotland has acknowledged this emerging trend, and the relative ease of technology presents many opportunities at very little cost or need for expertise. However, whilst deepfakes can be used productively, particularly in the media sector, the potential for fraud is massive and cannot be ignored. As the use of deepfakes continues to expand, businesses should ensure they are prepared for the new threats posed by this technology, and for legal changes that may be introduced in some countries in response.

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