The Elderwood Project (Infographic)

Symantec Security Response have published a research paper revealing details about a series of attacks perpetrated by a highly organized and well funded group using the “Elderwood” Attack Platform. This platform is a series of tools and infrastructure used by this group to perform attacks against targets in a speedy and efficient manner. The group behind this platform used it to carry out a multitude of attacks against targets primarily in the defense industry and other organizations within its supply chain. This group demonstrates a dogged persistence and tenacity, along with a high degree of technical expertise as shown by the seemingly unlimited supply of zero-day exploits that they have employed in the past. This research examines a time window of at least three years in which numerous attacks were conducted and still continues to take place to this day. The paper covers the attack methods used, the possible motives, the scale of the attacks and what to do to stay protected.

The following infographic sums up the facts and figures uncovered in the research. For full details about these attacks, please download the full paper from our Security Whitepaper Repository.


W32.Qakbot – What You Should Know


W32.Qakbot is a pretty serious piece of malware that’s been doing the rounds since mid-2009. It is one of a family of threats that are consistently causing trouble, constantly being updated whenever new attack techniques or developments arise.  
The threat itself spreads through a number methods; in particular, we have seen it being spread from various websites using old vulnerabilities. Once inside a network, it employs other methods to propagate itself to other computers within the network such as copying itself to removal drives. Qakbot is notorious for stealing information, it collects a wide range of data from infected computers and then uploads it to various FTP accounts. 
We recently published a detailed whitepaper on W32.Qakbot but if you don’t have the time to read that, the following infographic tells you what you need to know about Qakbot in a snap.