SC Magazine gives Sophos Mobile Control 5-star Recommended Rating

I’m delighted to report that Sophos Mobile Control has made a big impression on the handheld mobile device security marketplace, including the folks at SC Magazine.

Receiving a “Recommended” rating is always an accomplishment, but Sophos Mobile Control has done so with a solid five stars in each of the categories: Features, Ease of Use, Performance, Documentation, Support and Value for Money.

With a technological world embracing consumerization, SC Magazine wrote how Sophos Mobile Control helps improve IT efficiency.

"On the user side of things, they can access a self-service portal to easily complete tasks, such as enrolling their device or wiping or locking their device, without needing to involve the administrator."

Sophos Mobile Control leverages built-in security features of iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Mobile 6.x devices, including password protection, application restriction and remote wipe.

More information about SC Magazine’s review can be read on their website.

You can read more about Sophos Mobile Control in the products section of our website.

Sophos at SC Congress Toronto 2011

SC Congress Toronto 2011What a great conference!

Sophos was a Platinum sponsor again for the SC Congress in Toronto this year – and in addition to having a busy booth in the exhibition hall, Sophos had the opportunity to speak during one of the technical sessions.

Being the second year that this conference is held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, there certainly was a large crowd of attendees. I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones!

Now I’m back in Chi-town after spending a few days in transcendent Toronto. I spent some time helping out at the booth speaking with customers and security pros interested in learning more about Sophos.

In addition to booth duty, I was able to attend the sessions and had the opportunity to speak on data protection. The title of the session was “Where’s your data?”

The focus of the session was about how data is a prime target of cyber-criminals as well as *internal* criminals. Organizations need to be better prepared for these crimes rather than mostly being concerned about data loss. The conversation went to looking at real life lessons learned vis-à-vis recent data breach headlines from May and early June, third party statistics and which Sophos technologies can help protect their data.

Sophos was also fortunate enough to have Nigel Miranda from OFINA participate during the session with his thoughts on the topics discussed.

Conference BrochureWhile educating people on the topic of the session, I also like to learn from the attendees. The two highlighted nuggets of knowledge I was able to walk away with were around Canadian breach notification laws and DLP.

For a SOPHOS branded T-shirt giveaway I asked the question, “How many Provinces adopted or modified their PIPA to include a breach notification law and which ones?” A slightly trick question as it makes it sound as if there are many.

Only one person was able to raise their hand. Meanwhile behind that person someone made a zero with their fingers.

When I selected the person to answer the question, we all received a much more thorough and deeper response than just zero fingers. The respondent asked me to clarify if I meant Federal versus Provincial and how the notification should be made to the victims.

It felt like a courtroom cross examination, and all I was looking to hear was, “One and it’s Alberta!” but I learned a little about PIPEDA as well.

Bravo and well deserved to the winner! (Who, by the way, later confessed that they were a lawyer).

My other surprise was that when I asked the 75-or-so people sitting in the session, “How many of you know that Sophos has a DLP solution?” – only two half-hearted hands went up.

If given the opportunity to have guessed before the question was posed, I would said that about half the room would have known about Sophos Data Control versus a rough 2.6%.

Curious to know more about the event? SC Magazine made the conference brochure available online. I’m looking forward to the next SC Congress Canada 2012 on April 3rd and 4th!

PS. SC Magazine has made some photos of the event available via its Facebook page. Enjoy!

Free anti-virus for Mac named Best Anti-Malware solution at SC Awards

SC Awards winnerWho would have thought it? A free anti-virus program for Apple Macs being named best anti-malware solution ahead of those security products for boring old Windows.

Well, that’s exactly what happened at the SC Magazine Awards Europe 2011, held last week at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

Over 530 of the industry’s top companies saw Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition successfully beat rivals including products from McAfee, Kaspersky and Symantec to win the coveted title of Best Anti-Malware Solution, at the glittering awards dinner.

Naked Security’s own Carole Theriault was on hand to receive the award, flanked by Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot and dead-pan comedian Stewart Francis.

Carole Theriault receives award at SC Magazine

Carole was uncharacteristically lost for words when I asked her how she felt, but I think what has surprised all of us is just how open Mac users have been to the idea of securing their computers with anti-malware software.

Although the number of malware threats targeting Mac OS X is much much less than Windows, that doesn’t mean that they are non-existent. And Sophos’s free anti-virus for Mac home users has opened many eyes to the fact that security doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition’s success at the awards wasn’t the end of the night as far as Sophos was concerned. The company was also named Information Security Vendor of the Year.

A tremendous result in such a competitive marketplace. Our thanks go to SC Magazine’s judging panel for recognising the hard work done by everyone at Sophos in the last year, and for our users and readers for supporting us!

And if you’re still dithering about whether you should run an anti-virus on your Mac at home, then do read the reviews… and then download our free Mac anti-virus. 🙂