Purchases From This Super Bowl Sale Will Not Take You Anywhere

You may not need pills to watch the super bowl but spammers feel that this definitely  is an occasion to do so! The most exciting annual championship of the NFL -  the Super Bowl XLVI - starts tomorrow. And as expected, spammers are playing a different ball game with the crazy Super Bowl fans.

Spam related to Super Bowl  can be spotted with the subject listed below:

Subject: Super Bowl [BRAND NAME] Sale
Subject: Super Bowl Special
Subject: Super Bowl
Subject: Super Bowl 2012 - You win no matter which team does!

One such spam sample that we discovered promotes an online pharmacy. The email offers a free generic combo pack after placing medical orders with them.

The link in the spam sample goes to the following online pharmacy site:

Another spam sample offers new cars and SUVs at their lowest prices in history. The message alleged that this heavy discount is for Super Bowl week only.

After clicking the link in the message, the user is redirected to a lotto site (as shown in below example) which announces the user as a winner of an electronic gadget of their choice. The user needs to provide personal information in order to claim the gift. Spammers also made sure to inform the user who fills out the information that they will not be spammed or directed to survey sites.

While you plan your weekend at the super bowl we at Symantec would like to remind you to be careful with all your online transactions. Don’t compromise on your security. Stay away from the guile of spammers this Super Bowl season!